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片名:最愛 發布時間:2020-02-03

◎譯  名 最愛

◎片  名 The Favorite

◎年  代 2019

◎產  地 美國

◎類  別 劇情

◎語  言 英語

◎字  幕 中字

◎上映日期 2019-09-13(美國)

◎IMDb評分  5.6/10 from 302 users

◎豆瓣評分 0/10 from 0 users


◎片  長 108分鐘

◎導  演 Curtis Graham

◎主  演 約翰·施奈德 John Schneider

      Luke Benjamin Bernard

      馬修·法黑 Matthew Fahey

      莫里·格雷 Mollee Gray

      泰倫·伍德利 Tyron Woodley

      杰夫·哈迪 Jeff Hardy

      Uriah Hall

      Amye Gousset

      Michelle Feliciano

      羅比·斯塔爾 Robby Stahl

      Mason Dixon

      Liz Drummer

      Benjamin Glossop

      Selina Guerra

      Kathleen Halbert


◎簡  介


  Benjamin Bernard has lived his life in the shadow of his brother. Torn between jealousy and loyalty, Benjamin takes out his aggression as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. After an event nearly shatters the life of his brother, Benjamin must face his overwhelming feelings of anger and resentment as he discovers the truth about his family. As one brother fights for his life, the other must fight for reconciliation and redemption inside and outside the cage. This family film explores love, forgiveness, loss, healed relationship and, ultimately, the realization that we are all God's Favorite.







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